Kiley Hackl

Date of Death: March 3, 2013
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Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
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Thursday 3/7, 12:00 pm

Kiley Nicole Hackl, age 32, passed away on Sunday, March 3, 2013 at UW Hospital in Madison resulting from a cerebral blood clot. She was born on April 19, 1980 in Wisconsin Rapids to Gary and Terry Flugaur. She graduated from Assumption High School in 1998 and UW-Madison School of Nursing in 2004. Kiley marriedContinue Reading

Token Creek Dental Center left a message on May 23, 2013:
Kiley and the Hackl family have been patients of ours for numerous years. They were just down to earth wonderful people. It was a sad shock to have learned that Kiley had passed away the way she did. I remember shortly prior to her passing, she telling me that she was thinking about entering the workforce again as a nurse after her latest child was born. We can only imagine the grief that her husband Scott and the young children must be going thru and our hearts go out to the family. No amount of money can ever bring back Kiley, but we hope that our small donation will help a little bit in these tough times. - Dr. Thor, Cindy, Shyla, Shannon, & Katelyn.
Angela & Joseph Buongiorno left a message on March 19, 2013:
Dear Scott: We met you only once but we want to express our profound sadness about your great loss. May God give you strength to care for your lovely family and gradually restore your spirit. With our warmest wishes, Angela & Joseph Buongiorno
Kaiti Anderson left a message on March 16, 2013:
My dearest Hackl family, I am so sorry for your loss. I have been thinking of you all and praying hard as you live through this difficult time. Scott, you are so dear to me and though our ways parted and I haven't even had the pleasure of meeting all your children, please know that I cherish you, Kiley, and your family deeply. Your warmth, charisma, and genuine love for others lit up my life at St. Paul's during my time there. Know that your beautiful mother, Our Lady of Sorrows is holding on to you right now, dear friend. And know that I am holding you all in my heart and prayers. I love you, I miss you, I am praying for you. - Kaiti Anderson (UW Madison, Class of '08)
Steve Dresel & family left a message on March 12, 2013:
Dear Scott, Family and Greater Community, We grieve your loss of Kiley and feel for you in this challenging time. Kiley was so full of life, humble service and joy. From what I recall she could take a challenging, difficult situation and make it a positive one, with such apparent ease. The dreams you must have had for your family and friends.... Donna and I will pray from the Des Moines area for all of you as you remember Kiley and grieve her loss. I join the throng in praising God for gracing us with her, for all she had a hand in creating. In Memory, Steve Dressel Former St. Paul's Campus Minister/Liturgist
Sharon (Homann) George and Paul George left a message on March 9, 2013:
Gods' blessings and protection to Kiley and her whole family. She inspired many with her kindness and devotion to God. She will always be remembered with respect and admiration. I pray for strength with Gods' guidance in everyone, especially Scott and their children. Love each of you!
Shannon left a message on March 9, 2013:
Your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Ulla left a message on March 8, 2013:
Dear Kiley Family, I heard over a friend from Kiley and already started to pray to her. Even if the case seems unusual... A young woman will have a hearing regarding her divorce from her Moslem husband, who is abusing her and the 2 year old daughter. I just think Kiley will help - she has a lot of work to do - and why should she not start right away. The court date is set for Monday,March 10t, 2013. Please help me to beg for Kiley's help to protect a Catholic young woman and free her and her daughter from such a burden. Thank you so much and God Bless U.W.
Mary Probandt left a message on March 8, 2013:
May God keep you strong as you cope with Kiley's going home to her Lord and savior. May you take comfort knowing she is in God's loving arms and awaits the day when you are all joined together some day. Love and prayers for you abound as I read all of these kind words from friends Kiley has made and the lives she's made brighter with her kindness and love.
Pat Doran left a message on March 8, 2013:
Dear Ones, My heart goes out to your family. Edith, a friend of mine from Wisconsin who now lives in Arizona, told me about Kiley. A young woman, another friend of ours, is going through challenging times. Edith told me at Mass tonight to pray for Kiley's family but also to pray to Kiley for the young woman. I know that Kiley now praises in the presence of the Living Christ. I believe her work continues. May God bless you all. In Jesus' love....
Rebecca Richards-Hack and Steve Hack left a message on March 8, 2013:
I have cried so much the last few days thinking of those beautiful babies crying for their mother and struggling with how a merciful God can let this happen. But, "God's ways are not our ways." I was so happy to meet Kiley a few times when she was Elizabeth's roommate and again at Michelle's wedding when we sat at the next table. One of the baby's was with her. Such a wonderful mother (and father!). I don't worry about Kiley, but rather about those left behind. It is a blessing that you have created such a wonderful support network through all of the good works that you have done and that Kiley was such a model for Christian motherhood! I sat on an airplane next to a perfect stranger but couldn't help telling him about how sad I was and explained the situation. He told me that he had a cousin who also had 5 children and his wife died 2 weeks after their baby was born. The dad then lost his job. That was years ago. The person on the plane explained that he gave his cousin a job and that the children have all thrived and 4 of them have graduated college. Maybe he was put there to spread hope for the future! You are in our hearts and prayers!!
John Schmitz and Jean Tretow-Schmitz left a message on March 8, 2013:
Scott and Family: You have been in our thoughts and prayers since we first heard of Kiley's condition last week. May the Lord give you comfort, grace, and strength as you remember the best days with Kiley, and heal from her loss. We knew her as an undergrad at St. Paul's where, along with her many friends, she radiated the love and joy of Christ. Blessings to you all in the days ahead. With love and prayers, Jean and John
Michele Pavlis left a message on March 8, 2013:
My heart is so saddened by the news...Know that God's loving arms are surrounding you now through these most difficult days. Our thoughts are with you all. My deepest sympathies.
Lauren & Peter Muzyka left a message on March 7, 2013:
Dear Scott & family, As I mentioned in another correspondence, my husband Peter and I are dear friends of Rheannon & Chris Werner. You all were kind enough to let us use your home in Iowa for Rheannon's baby shower, even though you couldn't be there. I remember speaking on the phone a couple times with Kiley, and she was entirely sweet, selfless, and I could tell -- a holy woman of God! I just loved her from the moment I became acquainted with her, and I know what dear friends you all have been to some of our best friends, the Werners. Kiley and I actually share the same birthday (April 19); she is exactly one year older than me! I want you to know how much I treasure the example that your family has been to the rest of the world. As I mentioned, I was surprised to find out that a handful of people here in the DFW area knew you well as my 40 Days for Life National team member, Steve Karlen. Truly, your example has rippled out through the rest of the nation and touched so many. Thank-you for being a holy family, a family that loves Christ above all. I know that the days and weeks ahead may seem daunting without Kiley, but I also know that Our Lord will not fail to show you His peace and joy, even if it takes a little while to get there. I will pray that the love of friends, family, and so many will carry you through this difficult time. Please be assured of our love and prayers for you! Blessings in Christ's Redeeming love, Lauren Muzyka
Joel Mosier left a message on March 7, 2013:
I have fond memories of taking walks with Kiley while we were on NET. She was a bright light in the worries and concerns of life. She was friends with everyone and loved all. She had a deep faith that really shined through. Our world is a little darker because she is not in it but heaven is a little brighter. I don't know God's purpose and reason but we have to trust that he knows what he is doing.....
Mike & Nancy Skora and family left a message on March 7, 2013:
Dear Scott, Terry, Gary and children, Our family could not believe when we heard about Kiley's passing. There are not enough words to express how we feel except to say how deeply sorry we are. A beautiful girl and wonderful mother taken too soon. We will keep the entire Hackl and Flugaur families in our prayers.
Lori Stauffacher Hubacek left a message on March 7, 2013:
Hackl and Flugaur families, My deepest sympathies for this profound loss. Kiley has been piercing through my thoughts and prayers this week. This morning my shorties and I went to church to pray the Mass for you, but for some reason there was no priest to be found. So, we got on our knees and prayed the Rosary with you all in mind. Tears streamed down my face as I thought about our Holy Mother's abiding love...and how Kiley is now praying right beside her. I pray that your faith sustains you for this journey, and that you know that Kiley's prayers for all of you will not end. The Holy Apostles Parish family in New Berlin is praying for you...I have found connections to your family at every turn this week. In Christ, Lori <><
michal stevenson left a message on March 7, 2013:
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have been thinking of Kiley the past few weeks, and got on facebook this morning to contact her, when I heard of this horrific news. She was such an inspiration to me as the mother of five young children. I met her in Des Moines, when our first borns were both babies. I cannot believe this news. I am so so sorry. I will pray for your family and children every day. What a blessing she was on this earth, and we know she is with our Lord now and looking down on all of you and praying for you. I lost my older brother at 38 to cancer two years ago, so my heart goes out to you all. God bless you in this difficult time.
Jamie Bloedow left a message on March 7, 2013:
So sorry for your loss. May God be with you all in this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.
Becky Schmitt left a message on March 7, 2013:
Hello Hackl Family: I heard about your loss from good friends (Laura Kolar and Sam Voesters) who are coworkers of Scott's in Madison. I am deeply sorry for your loss and am offering up many prayers and sacrifices for you all during this difficult time. May God bless you in this time of sorrow and may His angels be with you to give you grace and comfort. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Amen. In Christ, Becky Schmitt
Br. Gabe left a message on March 7, 2013:
Scott and Family, My deepest sorrow to hear of your loss... deeply inspired to read what you wrote about God's love. I offer you all my love and prayers. I will spend the next day offering vigil for you. I will pray for Kiley's soul. God bless you Br. Gabe Cillo, MIC
Rebekah left a message on March 6, 2013:
I never had the honor of meeting Kiley. She was a friend of a friend. She seems to have touched many lives; even in her death she touched mine and reminded me of our great need for our Savior and His daily presence in our homes. My prayers and those of many others in New Mexico are being sent her family.
Renee left a message on March 6, 2013:
Prayers to all of the Hackl family. You are all in my prayers today, tomorrow, and in the challenging days ahead. Let this angel watch among us.
Amie Myers left a message on March 6, 2013:
Scott, Aidan, Grace, Jacob, Luke, and Elise and family, My husband Keith knows Scott through work in Development. When we found out about this tragedy, it hurt us so much. Your family has been on our hearts and in our minds and prayers since we heard. May God's grace pour over all of you. You will continue to be in our prayers. God Bless all of you. We have so many people praying for you in Texas. Keith and Amie Myers
Bonnie left a message on March 6, 2013:
To the Hackl Family I heard of your families loss and can not imagine your pain. Although I have never met you, I am holding you in my heart. I am praying for strength for your family. A Sun Prairie Neighbor
Ron & Darlene King left a message on March 6, 2013:
Our thoughts & prayers are with your entire family. You have been in our thoughts & prayers this week & will continue to pray for strength in your journey. May you know Kiley touched so many lives. We will keep you in our thoughts.
Linda Stangl left a message on March 6, 2013:
I've been so sad for all of you since Darcy & Dave told me what happened on Thursday. They really love you guys. Meeting Grace and Jacob on Saturday morning for the movie was wonderful, but heartbreaking when Dave told me that things had taken a turn for the worse. What beautiful children you have. I'm truly heartbroken for your family..God bless you all. You are in my prayers. ~Linda.
Ron and Barb Whynaucht left a message on March 6, 2013:
Sharing your profound sadness. Your deep faith is a lesson and an inspiration to all. Praying for strength.
Vasyl Bazylev left a message on March 6, 2013:
Dear Scott, this is Vasyl Bazylev. I am far away now but I am close in my heart to Kiley, you and your children. Please accept my condolences. I know how it feels to lose people you love. I will pray for Kiley and your family.
Linda Kellenberg Brennan left a message on March 6, 2013:
I met Kiley at my father's funeral 2 months ago. She came to support my mother, Natalie, who is very involved with the MOP's group at Bethlehem Lutheran in Sun Prairie. Although I only had a minute of her time, my impression was of a strong woman who loved her family and her community. My heart aches for your family and I pray that you will find peace.
Tonya left a message on March 6, 2013:
Our deepest condolences...know that you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May you rest in peace Kiley.
Robert Enright left a message on March 6, 2013:
Dear Scott and family, Even Jesus Himself weeps over the loss of loved ones, as He did for Lazarus. You now have the opportunity to be crucified with Christ for Kiley and for all the good that you do in this world. In all things, God works for the good of those who love Him. He has big plans for you. Please be open to His love at this crucified time. My prayers are with you.
Geoff Knutson left a message on March 6, 2013:
To the Hackl and Flugaur families, we are so sorry for your loss. "we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love." Love, Geoff & Nikisha Knutson
DAWN MULLINS left a message on March 6, 2013:
Rest in peace dear Kiley. You will be greatly missed by many.
Rog and Deb Honeyager left a message on March 5, 2013:
Our hearts are deeply saddened by the loss of your daughter, wife, mother and sister. Words can't even express what we feel for all of you at this time. Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers.
Yannick and Maureen Ratnayake left a message on March 5, 2013:
Our deepest, deepest condolences to your family. Our hearts ache for your loss. Please be assured of our continued prayers for Kiley, Scott, and the children, as well as prayers from our school community here in Pewaukee. May God shower you with His peace, grace, and mercy. Love, The Ratnayake's
Angelique and Pito Ayala left a message on March 5, 2013:
Scott, as I read so many wonderful things about Kiley I know she will continue to watch over you and your beautiful children. She will forever be the guardian angel watching over you all with love and pride. We so sorry for the entire family’s loss. All our prayers are being sent your way.
Becky Schmitz (Stuczynski) left a message on March 5, 2013:
I don't know you all very well but know that you have all been in my prayers and at the center of my thoughts the past few days. I will continue to pray for Scott and the children and all those who are left with a hole in their heart at the loss of Kiley. May the holes eventually be overfilled with the love of Jesus as that is all that could ever fill such a void.
Missy Krueger left a message on March 5, 2013:
Scott, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your whole family, and your children during this difficult time. I look at all the lives Kiley has impacted, and how she always made time for the important things in life, Faith, Family, and Friends. She was a friend I made when I got to UW-Madison, and we immediately connected. We could go days, weeks, or mos. without seeing each other, and pick up like that. She was the one person who moved and talked as fast as I did. When I got to Madison we not only both shared our love of sports, especially basketball, but we both loved ice cream and staying busy. She was the one friend who was as busy or busier than I was. We both moved around campus full throttle, and both would go places together knowing so many different people. I remember her coming with my family and I to watch girl's state basketball. She was someone who met people and immediately remembered them. That is something I loved about her. We not only enjoyed sporting events, but also would weekly attend Campus Crusade, and even were in some small groups together. I feel so lucky and blessed to have been friends with Kiley, and all the memories I have will stay with me forever. She was really one of a kind, and made others want to be better people. I know she is looking down over all of us. My prayers are with you Scott, and know we are all thinking of you, your family, and your five adorable kids. I know God has a plan, and know Kiley will continue to shine and sparkle over all of us. Please know we continue to prayer for all of you, and are thinking of you during this difficult time. Hugs, Prayers, and our love is sent your way, Missy, Ryan, Madison, Jack, and Nolan Krueger
Mons. Joseph Hirsch left a message on March 5, 2013:
A candle was lit by Mons. Joseph Hirsch on 2013/03/05
Kenneth O. Bean left a message on March 5, 2013:
Dear Terry, Gary, Scott and all the Fluguar &n Hackl families, We were stunned to hear of your great loss of this beautiful daughter, wife, mother and more. We know her wonderful faith places her safely in God's arms, but she will be missed more than any words can say. May those arms of God now hold YOU ALL and grant you strength for the days ahead. Our deepest deepest sympathy and our fervent prayers are with you!! With our love, Uncle Ken & Aunt Pat Bean
Brenda and Bill Walczak left a message on March 5, 2013:
To All Members of the Flugaur and Hackl Families, Words cannot express how sorry we feel for all of you at this very difficult time. Please know that you're in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that God gives you strength to adjust to all the changes in the road ahead. Please know also that you are not alone due to an unbelievably large support system. Call upon any of us at any time, and we'll be there. With sincere sympathy, Brenda and Bill Walczak
Harmony Lussier left a message on March 5, 2013:
There are no words for a tragedy like this. Just know that your family will be in our thoughts and prayers from this day forward. Remind your children how wonderful their mother was as often as possible. I am so incredibly sorry for your sudden loss, Scott. Much love to you and the entire family. PS - my baby daughter, Avery (1), loves this picture of Kiley and keeps blowing her kisses. I told her she is with Jesus now and Avery said "Jesus" for the first time.
Jason Fields left a message on March 5, 2013:
Scott, our prayers are with you and your family now and during the days ahead. Kiley was an amazing person and a true blessing to this world. She and God certainly provided you with 5 wonderful children - what a blessing! They are all beautiful, my friend. Kiley is in a better place now and will certainly be watching over you all, keeping you safe and protected. God bless you and your family. Our continued thoughts and heartfelt prayers will be heading your way from Ohio.
Kathi Klaas left a message on March 5, 2013:
My heart aches for your loss. I never met Kiley but my son, Phil spoke of your amazing family. I can only pray that God will be with you and your children each moment of every day, to sustain and comfort you. May you find comfort in the many happy memories you have to hold on to.
Jane Voegeli left a message on March 5, 2013:
Oh Scott, our hearts are breaking for you and your beautiful family! We simply cannot adequately express how sorry we are. Please know that we will continue to pray for you and your children. Much love, Nick and Jane
Lynn Shimetz left a message on March 5, 2013:
So very sorry for your loss. I pray your family is able to find peace and comfort in knowing they have a guardian angel looking over them.
Natalie Chesebro left a message on March 5, 2013:
Praying for your family and to get through such a hard time..I wish you peace and comfort knowing she is safe in the arms of the Lord Jesus.
John and Donna Lucin left a message on March 5, 2013:
Our prayers are with the family. We knew Kiley through Assumption High School and Fr. Joseph Hirsch. Also through Cheri and Dewey Hafferman. Kiley, please look down upon all of us and prayer for all of us....just as you always have.
Rebecca Buer left a message on March 5, 2013:
My thoughts are prayers are with the family. May God grant you a peace and love that surpasses all understanding and help you through this difficult time.
Chris Kaczmarek left a message on March 5, 2013:
We are deeply sorry to hear of the passing of Kiley. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help in this time of need.
Judy Ebersole left a message on March 5, 2013:
My heart crys for all of you in this time of sorrow. I only knew Kiley through my son and Daughterr in law and grandboys. How they talked about you of how kind and committed to your faith that you were. It makes me sad to hear of you Kiley moving on to a place we all pray to come to in the end. May you spend you days with God and helping those still on earth to learn to be like you. What a blessing it would be if we all could share the love as you did. From the words of others here and my family I know you were a wonderful person that no one will forget. May you live in the beautiful heavens above us.
Kathy McGrath left a message on March 5, 2013:
Our deepest and most sincere sympathy to everyone in Kiley's family. What a terrific loss of a wonderful young mother. Kathy & Pat McGrath
Paul Higson left a message on March 5, 2013:
I'm just a friend of Kelly Bulla and Joe Porto (U. of Wisconsin) who are friends of the family. I got an email from Kelly on Friday and saw on Facebook about what happened with Kiley. Over the past few days myself and others here at Notre Dame have been praying for Kiley and her family. There is more than one candle lit right now for her at the Grotto here on campus. Even though I never met Kiley, I was nonetheless greatly saddened to learn about what happened. May God bless and watch over your family and may Kiley rest in peace.
Michael left a message on March 5, 2013:
Our deepest sympathy. We will pray for you Kiley and for your family. May you rest in peace.
Jill and John Livernash left a message on March 5, 2013:
Our hearts break for all of you left behind, especially five little angels. We will keep you all in our prayers for strength and healing.
Leona Dykstra left a message on March 5, 2013:
My heart goes out to each & everyone of you <3
Seltzner Family left a message on March 5, 2013:
Please know our prayers and love go to you and your family.
Jamie Lenz left a message on March 5, 2013:
May God's gates open wide and you rest in peace. Prayers to your family.
Justin and Nicole Potter left a message on March 5, 2013:
We cannot even begin to imagine what you're going through and how difficult all this must be for all of you. It's the little things, the small, everyday occurrences that you'll remember. The laughs, the stories, the smiles. And even though it seems like you can never recover from your loss, it is these very memories that will help push the pain away and bring back the smiles. You all are in our thoughts and prayers! "May you take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over you."
Holly Murphy left a message on March 5, 2013:
When I moved to Sun Prairie a year and a half ago, Kiley was one of the first people I met. She and all of the women in the Sacred Hearts bible study welcomed me immediately! Her joy was contagious! Her holiness made you examine your own life, because it was such an inspiration! She had so much to say...and you wanted to hear all of itl! There was never a short conversation with Kiley....maybe on some level she knew she needed to fit it all in. She wove herself in to the fabric of our lives, and her passing will only serve to tighten the weave. I will always be grateful for your friendship, and will try to carry your joy and love of Christ to all of those whose paths I cross. I love you Kiley Hackl!!!
Jodi Renwick left a message on March 5, 2013:
I knew Kiley briefly in high school. One did not need to know Kiley for long to know she is a sweet and special soul. I continue to prayer for and think of Kiley and your family. Love and prayers sent, Jodi Renwick
Kathy (Dow) Stewart left a message on March 5, 2013:
Sweet, sweet Kiley. How can it be that your time on earth is done already? Most of my childhood memories have you interlaced throughout the countless hours of dance classes and recitals. You were one of those people that exuded purity, joy, and peace. I just moved away from Madison a few months ago, and one night at a restaurant I thought I spotted you. I wished I would've walked over to see for sure and given you a squeeze. I can't believe how time flies. 5 kids! Wow. I cry and pray for your husband and your sweet babies every time The Lord brings you to my mind. We cannot possibly understand all of the plans and thoughts of God. That's what makes him God. But I am trusting--because He promises in his word--that your day to leave this earth was not a moment late or a moment too soon. And that he will provide for your family better than we can imagine. The legacy you leave behind, Kiley, is one of a kind, and the world won't be the same without you.
Alexandra Bula left a message on March 5, 2013:
Through the intercession of our Lord's Mother, may your family find strength in your happiest memories of your wife, daughter and mother. Condolences from Richmond VA.
Karen Moore left a message on March 5, 2013:
Just wanted to let you know that the Body of Christ in prayer extends to Geneva, IL and beyond. I heard of your story and am so sorry for your loss. Your family will be remembered in prayers at the adoration chapel of Holy Cross. God bless your family.
Anny Schepp left a message on March 5, 2013:
Your beautiful daughter Kiley...6 days older then my loving daughter Pamela, who I am sure was at the gates of Heaven to welcome your Kiley into God's loving arms. My 31 year old 1st born passed away suddenly of a large brain aneurysm, 10 1/2 months after she was married, she attended the Sun Prairie schools as a child, we now only have her Irish Twin brother left to walk this earth with us. Many, many times my daughter comes to me and signs have occured often...I pray you are open to experiencing this, calms my broken heart & anxiety, it helps me draw closer and closer to our God, because it assures me my girl is taken care of in eternity. Sincerely, Anny Schepp mother of Pamela Jane Schepp Gould 04-25-80 to 07-15-11
Dena and Chris Ottaway left a message on March 5, 2013:
I will continue to pray for strength for the entire family. I am lucky to have known Kiley and I truly know the love (and strength) the Hackl family possesses. May peace make it's way to all your hearts soon.
Angie Gosselin (mother of Stacy Mayo) left a message on March 5, 2013:
Mr. Hackl and family I did not know your wife but my daughter lives in Sun Prairie and is a member of Sacred Heart. When Stacy told me about Kiley I was devasted I had seen your wife in church with the children and her Mom and could not get that picture out of my mind. Please accept my deepest sympathy and I will pray for you and your family.
Juanma left a message on March 5, 2013:
Scott, you can count on my prayers for your family. I'll offer today's mass and light a candle for you. I remember Kiley from last year at St. Paul's. I'm back to Valencia (Spain) so you have somebody praying 7 hours ahead. Juanma
Hannah Pandl left a message on March 5, 2013:
Hey Scott I am so sorry for you loss! I heard about what happen to Kiley from my sister Betsy Harbaugh and I will keep you and your children and yours and Kiley's Family and yours and Kiley's friends in my prayers through this tough time!
Yvonne K left a message on March 5, 2013:
I am greatly saddened for your loss. My prayers are with you.
Trista Glover left a message on March 5, 2013:
Dear Hackl/Flugaur family, I knew Kiley when we were teenagers we grew up in Wisconsin Rapids but went to two different schools we met through an organization called WRTI (Wisconsin regional teen institute). Although she was older then me she made a large impact as a mentor. I still have pictures displayed 15 years later from our time together. She was a wonderful person and I am sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Trista
Maggie Gagas left a message on March 4, 2013:
Heard of this beautiful young girl from a friend. My prayers are with the family, and may you one day find peace and comfort.
Nicole and Chad Haas left a message on March 4, 2013:
Our heartfelt sympathy to all of you as you grieve the loss of Kiley. I remember all of the fun memories boating on the Wisconsin River and how sweet Kiley was. Hugs and thoughts to all of you!
Anica Schmitz Taggatz left a message on March 4, 2013:
A Letter to My Friend, Kiley: 3-3-13 Kiley, You touched everyone you ever met. I feel like I was only just beginning to know you when God decided to take you home with Him. You were the first person I met when I moved here, and you made an effort to not only get me connected with an amazing community of women, but you also helped me to feel needed at a time when I felt useless. Thank you for calling me to hang out with your amazing family on days when I was lonely or bored. You had a knack for subtly knowing what people needed. You knew what the most important things in life were about, and you didn’t get caught up in little things that really don’t matter. You put your energies and priorities in the right places and showed me what I could live without. I love how "real" you always were. I keep remembering one conversation when we were talking about music and listening to LIFE 102.5; you threw in a funny comment about how you could only listen to that station for so long (because while the music was good, it was so repetitive) before switching to another station for a break! :) It really cracked me up because I never wanted to tell people I changed the station, but I totally did the same thing. That was one of those qualities you had that made me feel immediately comfortable enough to just be myself in whatever setting we were in. You could say what everyone else was thinking in a way that made everyone laugh. You were never afraid to “live in the world and not of it.” You were relatable, without sacrificing your ability to being a shining example to all of us of a loving mother and a giving friend--you could chat it up like no body's business--and I loved just listening to your motherly/sisterly wisdom. We could talk for an hour (usually more) about almost nothing, and I never wanted to leave! I hope I can be a mother like you some day. I will miss getting the opportunity to share pregnancy stories and ask you all the questions I don’t even know to ask you yet. This week has been really hard, but it has also been amazing and a true testament to what an incredible woman you were. I watched an entire community come to their knees in prayer, completely relying on our Lord’s mercy. It was beautiful. You would have loved it. I know God has a plan in all of this. Closer to Christ, you will be able to pray even more fervently for us, especially for your children and for Scott. Like a dandelion that changes from a beautiful flower into a fragile "poof," your body has changed its form, but through that transformation, your love has planted fruitful seeds in many hearts and homes--some on the other side of the world and even in places we can’t even see yet. I pray that you are enjoying the splendor of the beatific vision of our Lord with all the saints in Heaven. Your intercession will be powerful for your family and friends. Please help us to know how to best help Scott and your children in the years to come. No one could ever replace you, but we can try to share with them your quiet example and goodness so they will see the “you” inside of all of us and never forget you. We love you! Kiley--wife, mother, daughter, and friend….pray for us. Your Sister in Christ, Anica
Chris Cwiklo-Halverson left a message on March 4, 2013:
Dear Gary, Terry and family, I am so sorry to learn of the death of your beloved daughter, Kiley. My deepest sympathy to all of you. May your spiritual strength help and guide you during this difficult time.
Newcomer Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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